Wellness Open Day – New Year, New Home, New You

Feb 16, 2019

Join us on Saturday 16th February to kickstart the new year with Healthy Chef and Author Amanda Cross, and Nutritionist and Author Alli Godbold.

Amanda and Alli have worked together on retreats all over the world, sharing their expertise and passion for inspiring people to adopt a more nutrient dense and delicious diet that energises the body. They teach you how to implement changes that radically alter your sense of wellbeing and supercharge your body.

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Sample an energy boosting meal plan, experience a wellness class in our marketing suite, take a tour around our apartments, and Royal Wharf’s recently opened two-storey leisure facility – The Clubhouse.

Date: Saturday 16th February 2019

SESSION 1 – 10:00  Breakfast Nutritional Bang demonstration, with a talk on supplements

SESSION 2 – 12:00  Lunch Box demonstration, followed by a stretch and meditation

SESSION 3 – 15:00  Afternoon Tea demonstration and snacks with Alli on blood sugar

Spaces are limited and are subject to availability.

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